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Drip bag hanger will be shipped within 1 week (If purchased at the same time as the spout, the number of days is the same as the spout.)

If you need individual shipping, please pay separately.

[Consumption tax is levied in Japan]

Art series

The art series sells the actual thing

Mine no Yagura

* Titanium spout “Morinoshizuku” for mugs is all “Same material, same function” lineup products. The difference is the coloring of the polished finish and anodized film formation.

Anodized films have individual differences due to the nature of manual processing. However, that is the only spout in the world.

Three types of anodized forming types are recorded in stock, but will be processed after receiving your order. Please allow 2-3 days for shipping. Also,Please check the top page for the number of waiting days until the current production.

* Titanium spouts for mugs are compliant with Food Sanitation Law, Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 370, Third Apparatus and Containers and Packaging Test, but do not comply with the hygiene laws applicable in the country of purchase. Please enjoy it for personal use.

When considering anodized film products

Other than the main body modeling, it is handmade by craftsmen (Representatives of Rappo Gaien ^^). The same is true for the entire area of ​​anodized processing, and the basic color is based on blue.

「I want to change the shade! 」「The tip of the spout (flow path) should have no color! 」If you have any requests, please contact us at "" and we will answer your request as much as possible.

However, anodized changes under various conditions. For example, when pink is added, the surroundings become yellow and it is impossible to insert only pink into blue (see photo). Also, for high voltage colors after pink, the range becomes very narrow, It cannot be supported.

(No additional charge)

* Please refer to the color sample photo for each voltage to specify the voltage.

* Since a voltage is applied with a brush, a uniform film cannot be formed.



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