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[ instruction manual ]

① Preparation before drip

1) Please prepare a mountable mug before use.

2) Prepare coffee by adding coffee powder to the dripper.

3) Rinse the spout with water before installation. Please use the attached can.

 * The purpose is to “Priming water” to make the best use of surface tension (capillary force) when the spout is dry.

​ * The reference photos are colored to improve visibility.

​ * Do not immerse in drip hot water because it is very hot and may cause burns.



1) Slowly tilt the mug and pour it into the dripper.

 * The degree of tilting can be grasped if you pour and practice several times in advance.

​ * After extraction, the mug spout is very hot. Allow to cool before removing.

​ * After removing the spout, water has accumulated inside, so please dry it well.

 * Since the attached can is made of steel, please store it after the spout has dried.


② Installation of spout for mug

1) Pour hot water for drip into the mug

 * If you add a lot of hot water, you can pour it softly.​​ (About 5mm from the top of the mug)

2) Pull and hold the magnet holder of the spout for mugs with one hand (Photo 1).

​3) Place the vertical part of the spout body for the inside of the mug (Photo 2)

​4) Remove only the magnet holder (Photo 3). Check that it is attached to the magnet in the vertical part, and release your hand from the spout.







④ Hint of installation position

1) The drip from the side is easier to pour than the line of sight from the standing position, and the amount of hot water is easier to control.

2) In the case of a drip from the horizontal direction, the arrangement of the spout for the mug is easier to pour from the 10:00 to 11 o'clock position of the watch in the case of the right hand than the 90 ° direction like a teapot.


[Right hand]

[Left hand]

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