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Available stores

​Shops that carry Morino Shizuku have physical display and sales inventory, so

​We would be happy if you could try it out and experience the pouring conditions.

*If the retailer does not have the type you are looking for, please contact Rappo Kyoto and we will accommodate you.

⚠️Please be careful, if you search for "Shizuku Morino" on the website, there are many shops that are posting that they have cheap items and that they have them in stock. Please be aware that this is a "fraudulent site or a misleading site." Please refrain from completing the purchase procedure (entering your credit card information) as extreme price differences are not possible unless there is a special campaign by the retailer.



〒618-0071 京都府乙訓郡大山崎町大山崎西高田10−1-B

​TEL 075-874-5411



Outdoorbase Matsumoto アウトドアベース松本

​〒390-0811 長野県松本市中央2丁目3−19

TEL  0263-88-6804



Bright field

イベント出店時・オンラインにて販売中。詳しくはBright field公式HPにてご確認下さい。



​four edge フォーエッジ

〒520-0871 滋賀県大津市南郷上山町19−2

TEL 080-3030-03555


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