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  Please read before use. 

[Handling warnings / cautions]



・ Because this product uses a magnet, do not use it if you are wearing an implantable electronic device such as a cardiac pacemaker.


​・ Children or those who need supervision may handle them and the movable magnet and embedded magnet may come off and accidentally swallow them. Keep them out of the reach of children and those who require supervision.

・ Because hot water is handled, do not use it for children or those who need supervision.

・ If a magnet is accidentally swallowed, it may lead to a life-threatening accident. If swallowed, see a doctor immediately and follow the doctor's instructions.



・Detachable mug spout and kettle spout are dedicated tools for extracting drip coffee. Do not use for beverages that are served directly without a filter such as a dripper.

・The detachable spout is cleaned with ultrasonic and alcohol before packing, but before use, it should be washed with dish detergent and rinsed well before use.

・After using the detachable spout, wash it, drain it, and store it after drying. If it remains moist, mold will grow and the attached steel can will rust.


・A mug with a handle without a cover is very hot because it uses hot water. Please use gloves.

・When removing the removable spout, it will become very hot after extraction, so please cool it down before removing it.

・It is a product with movable parts that are integrally formed by sintered additive manufacturing. Before using the product, make sure that there are no damaged parts.


・If the spout falls out of the container during coffee extraction,Since there is a possibility that magnets are mixed in the cocoon being extracted,Please dispose of coffee.

・When using a magnetic metal container, even if one of the magnets falls off, it may be attached to the container.However, since the holding force will be weak, check the presence of an embedded magnet. If it was missing,Since there is a possibility that magnets are mixed in the coffee being extracted,Please dispose of coffee.

・Do not boil hot water with the detachable spout attached, as the spout will be heated to a high temperature and lose its function.

・When a removable spout is dropped in a mug containing hot water. Use chopsticks or forks to pick them up, and never pick them up with bare hands. Immediately after picking it up, the spout is very hot.

・Do not modify this product by polishing or baking.

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