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Magic Spout : Morinoshizuku


​Homepage update 10-Nov 2022

Offering the best mug spout for outdoor drip and outdoor coffee.

 Make your favorite mug a drip pot,Take a break with coffee and enjoy the wonderful scenery.

We will send you a tool for walking happily from the ancient capital of Kyoto with minimal luggage.

※The spout will be shipped

in about 60 days

The price has been revised from November 10th.

ホーム: 概要



Can you drip with your mug?

* Titanium spout “Morinoshizuku” for mugs is all “Same material, same function” lineup products. The difference is the coloring of the polished finish and anodized film formation.

* If your favorite type is not in stock, you can convert from another model. Please contact us by email.


Origin of the shop name


The shop name is derived from the Japanese word “walking:歩く, enjoyably:楽しく”.  Also listed on the shop logo "Catch one‘s eye!" is "Eye-catching, Catch the attention" It means.

”Memorable scenery” after climbing and walking hard, and Used in the hope that this spout will be eye-catching. The name “Kyoto” is used for the name of the place.  loved the region where I was born and raised, and express my gratitude. We adjust the pouring state one by one and finish it manually.Also, since only a few items are finished each day by manual work, it will take days to ship, but we will do our best to satisfy you as much as possible.

Representative who likes coffee outside 

Akira Yamaguchi 

比良山脈 武奈ヶ岳

​Catch one's eye!

​Use Polish Pink anodized