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Art_series 021  紺青白波【現品販売】40000jpy

Art_series 021 紺青白波【現品販売】40000jpy

ドリップバッグハンガー 峰乃櫓とのセット商品。【現物販売商品】


付属品: レザーポーチ、アルミ缶、森乃雫ポケット付きマイクロクロス(ユニチカ製)、ステッカー、取説。

トップカバー円柱ビットのエッジで無作為に白波のベースを彫り ガスバーナーで薄黄色まで熱酸化膜を形成した後、下地処理としてヤスリで立ち始めの波をイメージした。酸化膜の発色を上げるために光沢状態まで研磨。







Set product with drip bag hanger Mineno Yagura. [Products for actual sale]


The base of the white wave was carved at random with the edge of the top cover cylindrical bit, and after forming a thermal oxide film to a pale yellow color with a gas burner, I imaged the rising wave with a file as a base treatment. Polished to a glossy state to increase the color of the oxide film.

The finish oxide film on the top cover was baked with the image of Hiroshige,Hokusai blue shades.

The product name "Konjou Shiranami" is

I named it because I was able to express the atmosphere where the wind started to blow and the whitecaps started to rise in the shading of the dark blue sea.

The white wave pattern on the top cover is the main work for the underbody, so I made it a simple striped pattern and finished it with the same color blue.




    Note: Japan Post's eーPacket takes several days longer than EMS, but there is currently no tariff record.

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