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All-Polish 28,000jpy

The entire exterior for mugs and cookers is mirror-finished. The material is lightweight and tough titanium. It can be installed if it is a general single type mug used outdoors, but please check "Details of compatible mugs and cookers" before using it.

* We will update the mugs and cookers that are available in sequence.

* We will not notify you of changes in specifications for functional improvements.

  • Product information

    Size: W46mm / H27mm / D16mm

    Weight: 8.5g

    * Because it is hand-processed, there may be some errors in size and weight.

    * Since it is a substitute product for outdoor drip pots, hot water will overflow from the mug if it behaves like a pot, so move it slowly when using it. Also, as described in the instruction manual, wet the spout with water before use. Since surface tension and capillary force are used, water absorption from the mug increases and it can be poured softly.

  • About returns

    We carefully check the shipped products (pouring state, magnet embedded state, state of each part), but if there is any damage, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please return it by cash on delivery. I will. In addition, even if you do not like the individual for reasons other than damage, we will not accept returns, so please take a closer look at the photos before purchasing. (Please contact us if you have any requests such as shooting directions not shown in the posted photos.)

    * Please check the display based on the specified commercial transaction.

    • Polished products (Polish & Matte / Polish) are not completely mirror-finished, so there are no problems with small scratches or residual stacking marks caused by abrasives.
    • Since the material is molded by 3D printing, the waterway and internal wall surface cannot be polished due to the structure, so only grinding is required.
    • The product introduction photo of the anodic oxide film type is for reference only. Please note that the same thing cannot be made due to the construction method.
  • Shipping information

    ・It will be delivered by "Click Post" with free shipping within Japan.

    ・For multiple items, courier service (Kuroneko Yamato)

    ・We cannot accept the designation of the delivery company.

    *Japan Post e-packet

  • To overseas customers

    Available countries: We will add more countries after receiving inquiries.

    *Please check your country's customs rules.

  • method of payment

    Credit card payment (lump sum / revolving)

    Paypal payment


  • About shipping time

    Please refer to the number of days listed on the home top page.

    However, we do not guarantee it because we will give the highest priority to repair requests.


Note: Japan Post's eーPacket takes several days longer than EMS, but there is currently no tariff record.

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